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Evoking cartouches, sacred medals, or the most potent (and wonderful) symbol of love, the three base forms in the Toteme collection are more than big enough to fill with as much glyphic significance as you care to gather. Choose from: a strong and lovely Heart (perhaps to hold and show your dearest loves?), an elegant vertical Bar (a gorgeous way to ‘stack’ your interests, insights, and initials…among other things), or a classic Disc (surround your precious symbols with an unending ring-like border). Once you’ve chosen, glean through the glyphs and find the ones that speak to you. The results will be nothing less than extraordinary (much like you).


Small in scale, mighty in meaning (yours of course), the three base shapes of the Petite Toteme collection await your choice of Petite Glyphs. Though wee, each Petite Toteme offers space for much significance – choose your content with care, and the results will be beauteous. Select one of three base shapes: a Petite Heart (to hold beloved symbols?) a Petite Bar (make a tiny tower of treasured meaning?), or a Petite Disc (surround your Petite Icons, Letters, or Birth Ornaments with a haloed frame…). Splendid and sure to enchant.


A whimsical way to “wear by wrote” – a punny phrase that’s more than apt for these sweet surfaces (in five distinct charm shapes, and a cuff option, each one awaiting your words and meaning). Create a tiny phrase, enshrine a belief, scribble a sentiment, honor a name, note a number, a significant date, script something special, and start your story. Choose a shape, a font style, and show what speaks to you.