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Poetic Xchange is much more than a jewelry line. It is an ever-evolving community filled with heart. It is a place to inspire each other and celebrate our lives through the exchange of heartfelt jewelry. An entrepreneurial vehicle for those who want to transform themselves and their lives, we invite you to be part of our family of Luminaries, where you can lead, grow, and light the way.

The Power of Two

Ever since they were young, the kitchen table in Patti and Lizanne’s Italian family was the place for discussions and celebrations. It was the center for sharing, caring, living, and so much more. As they grew up and moved on in their own lives, what they experienced early on at that table never left them.

The sisters also shared a love of jewelry and all things beautiful, and together built a successful jewelry line. Yet, they had a desire to do more. They wanted to empower other women who shared in their fierce devotion to faith, family values and friendships. Enter the idea of Poetic Xchange: meant to bring the kitchen table and a beautiful jewelry experience together, in community, in connection, and in a spirit of empowerment and giving. Sharing the journey of life is the essence of Poetic Xchange.

Patti Pagliei

From delightful charms cast from stamped wax to myriad other forms of wearable metaphors and treasures, Patti conceptualizes the product line and leads the company with what she calls a poetic aesthetic. Her fine art training may have had something to do with it, but it all really started with a visit to an antique store back in 2001, when Patti was inspired by old wax seals that lead to the creation of the first wax seal insignias. She bootstrapped the company from the ground up, and went on to design all sorts of marvelous fashion accessories, but the insignias were the classics that wouldn’t go away. Her sister Lizanne realized this, and in 2007 she joined Patti to develop the idea into a full line of wearable, giftable, loveable expression. The sisters empowered each other, and it wasn't long before that magic grew Waxing Poetic into something much bigger and more impactful than they could have imagined.

Patti prefers to be called an artisan over a designer, drawing her influence from the processes and purpose of handmade jewelry and the poetry of life. Her approach to design has been to find the unexpected connections in meaning, form and spirit, blending traditional metals with techniques that develop that intention into something more personal, something more “poetic.”

The unspoiled seaside town of Carpinteria, CA is home to the company, not far from the home Patti shares with her entrepreneurial and harmonica-playing husband and her young daughter.

Lizanne Pagliei Hales

Lizanne has been a gift and home expert for over 20 years, specializing in sales, marketing and business development. Her professional intuition coupled with a fearless drive has served as the foundation for her journey in the gift industry. In 2007, she joined forces with her sister, Patti. Together, with great entrepreneurial conviction, they launched Waxing Poetic, a collection of meaningful lifestyle fashion jewelry, into the giftware market. Lizanne recognized a need for top quality, high style, everyday jewelry with a customizable feature, and as a result Waxing Poetic became the leader in this new trending category. Two sisters and an idea for derivative wax seal charms turned a product line with a humble beginning of just 3 styles into multiple collections consisting of hundreds of designs.

Along with her personal love of jewelry and fashion, which fuels her passion for what she does, Lizanne has a work style where collaboration and a respect for people and the innovative process are imperative. She is a team player and has a fierce devotion to family values that contributes to her golden rule of balancing tradition with what might be on trend at any given time.

Lizanne attended The University of Maryland on a swimming scholarship and graduated with a degree in Advertising Design. She resides outside of Philadelphia, PA with her husband, young daughter and two French bulldogs.