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Gather Together

Each Gathering is filled with beauty, discovery and purpose. It's an opportunity to gather everyone together, make new friends, share stories and laughter, and explore Waxing Poetic jewelry. Guests will be under the caring guidance of a Consultant as they select pieces that celebrate what matters most to them.

Host and Receive

A Gathering can be at anytime, anywhere, with a few friends or a crowd. Whichever type of get-together you choose to hold, you'll be rewarded with free and discounted products, free shipping, and exclusive monthly specials. *


Gather together and make a difference.

Explore Waxing Poetic in the most personal way by hosting, and in doing so, you'll be supporting a Consultant's business goals and our mission to empower others.

Contact your Consultant for more information, or we'll connect you with one in your area.

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