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All orders will begin processing on the following business day after order placement (unless there is a holiday closure).

If you need assistance while placing your order, please contact Customer Support at 800-516-1153 or email support@personallypoetic.com.

Orders will include one free gift box and each item will be shipped in a jewelry pouch to help keep products tarnish free. Please note that the size and shape of the gift box may vary for each order. Additional gift boxes are available for purchase.


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If you wish to cancel or change an order that has not yet shipped, please contact Customer Support at 800-516-1153 or email customersupport@personallypoetic.com. We will attempt to accommodate your request. Once an order reaches fulfillment and is processed for shipping we cannot cancel or make changes. In this case, please read our return policy. Personalized Product orders cannot be cancelled or changed after the order is submitted.


Our jewelry is composed of sterling silver, brass, or any combination of these metals. Other materials, which may be used, are leather, silk or cotton cording, crystals, and resin.

Waxing Poetic pieces are designed using the best materials available. Though they contain anti-tarnishing agents, all fine metals eventually tarnish with age and with exposure to various elements. Tarnish is not a sign of poor metal quality or a product defect; it is a result of exposure to elements. Metals naturally oxidize over time and develop a normal patina from wear, which is not a product defect.

Waxing Poetic jewelry can be preserved in its beautiful state by following these simple guidelines.

  • We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry in the shower, hot tub, sauna, ocean or swimming pool, as moisture accelerates the tarnishing of metal.
  • Do not expose pieces to chemicals or use any sort of chemical dips to clean your Waxing Poetic jewelry.
  • Regular polishing with a polishing cloth along with proper storage will help maintain the finish and reduce the natural buildup of tarnish on metals. Follow these tips:
    • Use the inside of a polishing cloth to loosen and lift tarnish
    • After polishing, buff the piece with the exterior of the cloth to wipe away the lifted tarnish and bring out the finish and luster of the metal
  • To remove tarnish build-up, create a natural dip to lift tarnish. Follow these directions:
    • Line a small dish with aluminum foil and fill it with very hot water
    • Add approximately ¼ teaspoon of baking soda 
    • Soak jewelry for approximately 2-5 minutes. Monitor as it is soaking to be sure the oxidization is not completely removed from the jewelry
    • Dry the piece thoroughly, then polish and buff with a polishing cloth