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Become a Luminary

Consider becoming a Poetic Xchange Luminary!

A Luminary is what other companies might call a rep, a guide, a stylist, etc. Our Luminaries come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are corporate escapees, some are stay-at-home-moms, and some are just trying to figure it out. And, all of them fit this definition in some way or another: literally, the word luminary means a source of light or a person who inspires/leads others.

Poetic Xchange respects the value and importance of all our Luminaries, regardless of level. We offer a compensation plan that recognizes each Luminary as an integral part of our family, whether she operates her business as a hobby, a side-project, a part-time job, or as the lucrative career that many of our top-selling Luminaries have discovered is not only possible, but also fun to attain.

We love our Luminaries!

Poetic Xchange delights in celebrating each Luminary with incentives and rewards. Here are some things you can earn:

  • - Up to 35% commission on personal sales
  • - Bonuses on your team
  • - Discounts on jewelry
  • - All expense-paid trips
  • - Incentives to earn FREE jewelry and supplies

Choose a starter kit that works with your budget:

$199 Flying Start Kit

$664 value


$499 New Heights Kit

$1589 value

Each Kit comes with the tools you’ll need to get your business soaring: catalogs, host and opportunity brochures, order forms, invitations and lots more!

We welcome you to join us as we embark on a new journey centered on the exchange of unique meaningful jewelry.
Now is the time to make a change!