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Our Story

Founder and Creative Director Patti Pagliei created the first piece of Waxing Poetic jewelry at her kitchen table in 2001 with a commitment to artistry, quality and meaning that remain the guiding principles of the brand. With her sister Lizanne Pagliei Hales, and a small group of like-minded spirits, we’ve built a beloved brand and network of collectors who keep inspiring us to make more, do more, give more, and grow more.

Our Community

The “Poetic Place” is a place we all share, where we embrace our true essence. It is a way of life. A meaningful, rich experience where we connect with each other to explore our highest potential and our greatest possibilities.

Our Consultants are the stewards of Personally Poetic, welcoming others with joy in an open space full of beauty, wonder and delight, through Gatherings meant to transform your being and fill your soul.

Our Extended Family

From our home base in charming Santa Barbara County to the tropical and kaleidoscopic villages of Indonesia, where our jewelry is handcrafted by skilled artisans, Personally Poetic is a community built upon a love of art and nature, a belief in truth and beauty, and a reverence for communal sustainability to further enrich its members’ lives as well as the lives of their extended families.