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Petite Disc Toteme - Sterling Silver


Small in scale, mighty in meaning (yours of course), the Petite Disc Toteme awaits your choice of Petite Glyphs, creating a haloed frame of treasures.

Select Petite Glyphs in sterling silver or brass. Glyphs are soldered onto base randomly; position requests cannot be honored.  Petite Toteme Glyphs must be ordered with Petite Toteme base. Allow 2-3 weeks for production plus ground shipping time.  NO changes can be made after Personally Poetic receives the order. 

Glyph minimum: 3  |  Glyph maximum: 6

Oxidized Sterling Silver  |  0.82”

Select up to 6 glyphs below.
All Toteme products are handmade, and each glyph is carefully placed and soldered by one of our Balinese artisans. The result is an original design.
Base Price: $66.00

Petite Glyph #1

Petite Glyph #2

Petite Glyph #3

Petite Glyph #4

Petite Glyph #5

Petite Glyph #6


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